What you need to know about the flu shot

Here’s the 411 on current flu treatment in the US…this year’s strain of the Influenza virus H1N1, which is responsible for the seasonal flu, is now resistant to Tamiflu (the common flu drug most MD’s will give you if you have it). So it is useless against the flu. This is a huge problem! And unfortunately, the flu shot contains highly toxic agents called teratogens, such as thimerosol as well as other chemicals called adjuvants which boost the production of the body’s antibodies to fight the flu but can also cause an autoimmune reaction. Again, not an ideal solution. There is also a lot of public fear around the flu. People are running for their flu shots without weighing out the risks and possible side effects because they don’t know that there is a safe and effective alternative.
 The bottom line is that there are Chinese herbs that have been well-documented to be effective for killing the flu virus without side effects to the patient and do not cause the evolution of more virulent strains of the flu, which is what is happening with the current flu therapy offered through all MDs nationwide. I believe awareness about a safe and proven alternative is needed here. And the timing couldn’t be more appropriate given the latest CDC’s statistics on flu deaths and hospitalization released this week.  The CDC (Center for Disease Control) reported that mortality rates are still well over epidemic levels accounting for 9.4% of all deaths nationwide. Eight children passed away this week alone from the flu, adding to the total of 45 children since October 1st. And of all patient hospitalizations due to the flu virus, over 50% were 65 and older. This is entirely preventable!
 For example, one easy step in prevention is supplementing with extra Vitamin C and D and Selenium. These nutrients activate the immune system and prevent the worst form of the disease.
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